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Six Delta-infected citizens were vaccinated, Bino details

Six Delta-infected citizens were vaccinated, Bino details

The head of the Infectious Diseases Department, Silva Bino, said that six of the people infected with the Delta variant had been vaccinated. Bino suggested that infected citizens were vaccinated with Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Coronavac.

"There are 6 cases vaccinated, 2 cases are related to travel to England. They were vaccinated with AstraZeneca in April. "Two others have been vaccinated in Germany with Pfizer, and the other two have been vaccinated with Coronavac," said Bino.

Regarding the compulsory vaccination of young people, the Deputy Minister of Health, Mira Rakacolli announced that so far it is not planned. She called for awareness among young people, but also among all citizens.

"Awareness raising of citizens is not only the job of the ministry, but of the whole society. "Young people have the culture of vaccination and I am convinced that forced vaccination will not be introduced for young people because I am convinced that they will do it because we have to do it" , said Rakacolli.

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