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"Hitting from behind the car, well-thought-out kick", the testimony of the victim's wife in Elbasan is revealed: The killer came to the driver's window

"Hitting from behind the car, well-thought-out kick", the testimony of

The testimony of Silvana Caka, the wife of Everest Caka, who was executed last night in a well-organized assassination attempt in the city of Elbasan, has been uncovered.

Before the investigative group, Silvana stated that at first they thought they were involved in the accident and later realized that everything was fake by the killers. She says that after they stopped the car from hitting her from behind, the perpetrator approached the skiff glass and hit her in the chest and neck.

"We thought we were involved in an accident. After a car hit us from behind, we stopped. The husband was immediately shot. The killer came and shot next to the open window by the driver. They sifted it from the bullets from the neck and chest. A bullet hit me in the arm. I went out immediately and called for help. "I realized that hitting the back of the car was the well-thought-out trick of the killers who had ambushed us" , the victim's wife, Silvana Caka, is said to have said.

The event took place last night in the "Skënderbe" neighborhood in Elbasan. Everest Caka was also known as Ibrahim Caka. He was shot in the eye by his wife in the car he was driving. As a result, Caka died, while his wife, Silvana, was injured in the hand.

Sources suggest that Caka had only a few weeks to return from Germany, while moving with his friend's car, despite the fact that he also possessed expensive vehicles. The main execution track relates to the series of murders of his cousin in Belgium Arjan Spahiu. 10 days ago, Everest Çaka was interrogated by Belgian prosecutors in connection with the murder of his cousin Arjan Spahiu, who are investigating the murder.

"Hitting from behind the car, well-thought-out kick", the testimony of

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