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They forgot the phone in their pocket, the detail that revealed the children in the murder of the father in Durrës

They forgot the phone in their pocket, the detail that revealed the children in

New details have been learned from the murder of Pëllumb Meta by his children, A2 CNN reports that the detail that "betrayed" them in the realization of the event was the phone that they had forgotten in the victim's pocket. As a result, the police concluded that the victim was at home.

Based on this detail, they started searching the apartment, where it turned out that Pëllumb Meta was buried in the hut near the house. His car was sent by the children to the Youth Sector in order to make it look like it drowned in the sea, from where the police searched for several days, but without success.

For this event, the eldest son, Hysen Meta, 24 years old, the 19-year-old daughter Hygerta Meta, as well as the younger son Amarildo Meta, 22 years old, were arrested. The mother, the victim's wife, has also been put in the investigation as a person who knew about the incident and had prevented its disclosure.

Initially, 19-year-old Hygerta Meta testified before the police officers that she was the one who had committed the serious act, but after the investigations carried out by the blue uniforms, it turned out that the one who fired the gun was the son of the house, Hysen Meta, 24 years old.

Like the 19-year-old, the brothers also testified that the cause was the constant conflicts at home that culminated in the young woman's unwilling engagement. The police confirmed that in this case we are not dealing with a momentary conflict, but a plan thought out by his children.

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