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Hasani meets the Ukrainian minister: We condemn the Russian aggression, Kuleba greets in Albanian: Long live Ukraine!

Hasani meets the Ukrainian minister: We condemn the Russian aggression, Kuleba

Foreign Minister Igli Hasani held a joint conference with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmitro Kuleba, after the face-to-face meeting.

Hasani said in his speech that he had discussed with the Ukrainian minister about the economic assistance that Albania can offer to Ukraine, as he hoped that this summit would be fruitful for Ukraine's future perspective.

"Albania strongly condemns the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The opening of our Embassy in Kiev, hopefully within this year. We discussed the advancement of good relations between Albania and Ukraine. In the focus of the conversation, the economic aid that Albania can offer to Ukraine. We discussed ways of economic growth. Ukraine is determined that its future is on the side of European freedoms. I hope that this summit will be fruitful and offer new perspectives for the future of Ukraine" , said Hasani.

On the other hand, Kuleba appreciated our country as a friend of Ukraine as he thanked for all the help that Albania has offered so far. At the end, Kuleba greeted in Albanian saying "Dear friends, long live Ukraine".

"It is good to be in Tirana as part of the delegation accompanying President Zelensky. The summit shows how much respect Albania enjoys in the region. Today we discussed bilateral cooperation, Albania is a good friend of Ukraine, I want to thank it for the humanitarian undertaking for the rehabilitation of Ukrainian children whose parents were killed in the war. Any support is appreciated.

I remember with gratitude the mandate of Albania in the Security Council and the way you participated in the discussions about Ukraine. I informed the minister about the situation at the front and the drone and missile attacks. It is important that Russia be held responsible for crimes of aggression and war crimes.

Our expectation is that one of the results of the Washington summit will be that Ukraine will be one step closer to membership. Dear friends, long live Ukraine!" , said Kuleba.

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