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The Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway will be used for military purposes, in addition to civil ones

The Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway will be used for military purposes, in

The loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway received the "green light" in the Law Commission.

In addition to the transport of passengers and goods, the infrastructural work that connects Albania with Montenegro will also serve military purposes.

"In fact, all these infrastructures, even in the name of the fact that all infrastructures at the European level, on the basis of the approach at the political level. At the European level they will serve and be of standards to serve military needs. The Vorë-Hani i Hoti railway will serve security in the Region", said Enkeleja Muçaj, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy.

Despite the "pro" vote, the session in the Laws Commission for the ratification of the agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was used by the democrat Saimir Korreshi to ask questions about the guarantee of safety in the movement of the railway project.

"Does this project provide for the security that you know how many crossings pass over the train tracks and this high speed... we with that train "you, you, you" that you wanted to see from afar for 6 hours has caused havoc. What about today?", MP Saimir Korreshi said.

The clarifications were made by the director of Project Development in Albanian Railways, Gentian Liko.

"As for the street level, all the informal ones will be closed. In total, we will have 59 carriages approved for 130 km of railway line", said Gentian Liko, directorate of Project Development, Albanian Railways.

With all the focus on "vore-Hani i Hoti", socialist Pandeli Majko asked for more information on the Durrës-Prishtina railway line.

"I am quoting the Minister of Infrastructure of Kosovo, Liburn Aliu, who has said that we finally have a bilateral agreement on the route where the railway connecting Kosovo and Albania will pass. While Prime Minister Rama has said that there will be a change in the line from Shkodra to Gjakovë and then to Pristina. In the project you brought us, did you take into account what I quoted?", said Majko.

"Regarding the question that Mr. Majko asked, I must say that this will be a matter of future decision-making", declared Muçaj.

After the approval with 13 votes in favor, the loan agreement worth 98.7 million euros between the Government of Albania and the EBRD will be reviewed by other committees, to be then taken to the Parliament for a vote./A2 CNN

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