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The attack on TCH, investigative journalism: the Hoxha family moved with an escort, the message to the owners

The attack on TCH, investigative journalism: the Hoxha family moved with an

Investigative journalist Artan Hoxha has called the attack on Top Channel with Kalashnikovs, a "typical mafia" event, a message to the television owners. 

Invited to the show "The Unexposed" on MCN TV, Hoxha said that the message does not seem to have been directed at journalists or employees, while adding that the shareholders of Top Channel television, stating that they have always been accompanied by bodyguards and according to him " either they've been threatened in the past, or they've smelled danger." 

"As far as I have information, they (the Hoxha family) have moved accompanied by a security escort even before. They were accompanied because they were either under threat or they smelled danger. I want to remember a scene, I was in a bar and at the table I had three people, two shareholders, one at Digitalb and one at Top Channel and they were escorted, only I was with my hands in my pockets. Have there been threats? It doesn't surprise me. There have been constant problems with the publishers. Today Top The channel has been approached by a group of FNSH. How has this threat been assessed? In these conditions, there is no other solution, except to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

This event was clearly a threat. It was not intended to physically eliminate anyone. This is a typical mafia case. This threat has two directions, one towards the main object and the second direction, to show that if they gave you a guarantee from the government, we are showing that this guarantee is in vain because we don't even ask about the government," said Hoxha


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