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The attack on the media, the former Albanian ambassador: Albania should not close its eyes to Belgrade

The attack on the media, the former Albanian ambassador: Albania should not

The former Albanian ambassador to Kosovo, Arben Çejku, has described as a provocation the attacks of the Serbs in the North of Kosovo against the media and filming groups of Kosovo and Albania.

Invited to News24, Chejku said that the government of Albania must react and not close its eyes to Belgrade.

"I express solidarity with the journalists in the field. The violence is directed from Belgrade. The Albanian authorities must react to the violence against journalists. We must express concern and solidarity. We must react and we cannot close our eyes to Belgrade. Kosovo is not alone, despite having NATO inside. When Secretary Blinken speaks, several channels of communication have been exhausted and this shows that the relationship between Kurt and Washington is not good. These declarations have demanded that Kosovo exercise self-restraint. They have accepted so-called choices, but at the same time they have asked for an accommodation. The lack of will from the Kurti government to implement the agreement that has been agreed, On the one hand we have Kurti who says he will implement the agreement, on the other hand we have Kurti who does not sit down and does not take any steps. Kurti is complex because he feels the fear of the opposition to counterattack him and take power. This has complicated him and put him in this situation, but the national pressure will force Kurt to go back to zero.

I do not believe that there will be more escalation of the situation. If it wasn't for KFOR, the forces of Kosovo would not be able to establish stability. The credibility and credibility of the relationship has been deeply shaken. Concrete steps are needed from Kurt. Kosovo is not an adventurous project from the West, but it is a state. Kurti will have consequences from this situation. No one would want and allow another pressure cooker to boil.

Vucic is a political gangster who walks with double standards. on the one hand he leaves his party and on the other hand he seeks to open a political front. On the one hand it smiles at Moscow and on the other hand at the West. It is already a twisted mask. His hypocrisy must end, as even Moscow has understood. I believe that Russia has lost this battle, the war in Ukraine. Let no one think that the West will lose. Russia is not fighting Ukraine, but democracy is fighting Putin's hunger. The Western Balkans is armored in terms of security. All these delegating adventures are bound to fail and we don't need to get complicated.

Ne duhet të japim kontributin tonë. Nuk duhet të kalojnë si ngjarje periferike dhe sporadike. Qeveria duhet të ulet me këmbë në tokë. Edhe opozita nuk duhet të struket, por të japë alternativën e saj. Në Shqipëri mund të bëhet luftë për pushtet, ndërsa në Kosovë për shtet. Nuk duhet parë karrigia e Kurtit.

Federika Mogerini nuk mban asnjë përgjegjësi për dështimin e marrëveshjeve mes Kosovës dhe Serbisë. Mirëpo, Kurti po tregohet kontradiktor. Prezenca e SHBA-ve në Kosovë e ka të qartë backgroun-in.

Despite the desire of Russia and China, the Balkan region seems to be destabilized. The US and NATO will never allow it. The US will not take advice from China, which is calling for control in Kosovo. China has gone too far and I take the opportunity to reject it for peace. This is not the way and the language for good relations between them. Neither Moscow nor Belgrade and Beijing's wish will be fulfilled. Even local capacity such as Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo in the following hours will find the way of communication.

An investigation must be demanded of the perpetrators of these crimes. To be requested by KFOR for the identification of the perpetrators. Albania is maintaining a moderating position and playing a constructive role. "Albania has no need to push, but it should wait for every step to calm the situation in the north of Kosovo", said the former ambassador.


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