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The attack on the prosecutor, SPAK demands life imprisonment for Redjan Rraja

The attack on the prosecutor, SPAK demands life imprisonment for Redjan Rraja

This Wednesday, SPAK demanded life imprisonment for Redjan Rraja and 35 years in prison for Ariol Halilaj for the assassination where the prosecutor Arjan Ndoja was injured and the driver Andi Maloku lost his life.

Pëllumb Muharremi, known as Rrumi i Shijak, was also injured in this assassination attempt. 

Rraja is charged with the criminal offenses of "Murder of public officials", "Murder against two or more persons", committed in cooperation, remaining in the attempt" and "Arms without a permit".

How did the event happen?

Redjan Rraj and Halilaj were the first to be arrested in connection with the assassination that took place on November 1, 2019, on the Durrës-Tirana highway.

Near the Shkozeti overpass, a gun was fired at the moving car where the Durrës prosecutor Arjan Ndoja, Aleksandër Laho, known as Rumi, and Andi Maloku, the driver of the magistrate, were. From the shooting, Maloku lost his life, while Ndoja and Laho were injured.

The arrested

In January came the second wave of arrests. Bashkim Haxhiaj were put in handcuffs; 54 years old; Marcel Decka; 38 years old; Kili Nerjaku alias Genti Medjaku, 40 years old; all three residents of Durrës; as well as Endrit Sinani, 29 years old, and Juljan Pjetri, 45 years old, both residents of Tirana.

While in search, Amar Shkëmbi, Plarent Dervishaj, Julian Meçaj and Ramazan Rraja were announced. The latter was banned a few weeks ago, while the Rock in February. On the other hand, Plarent Dervishaj has been reported to have been detained in Dubai on account of the Albanian authorities in December 2020 in connection with several other criminal offenses for which he was accused, but was then released by the authorities there after the late arrival of the letter from Albania to direction of the Ministry of Justice in Dubai.

According to the accusation, it was Plarent Dervishaj who ordered the assassination attempt on the Shkozeti crossing. It is suspected that there was a clash between him and Aleksandër Llahos. The conflict between the parties allegedly worsened after the assassination attempt on Dervish in Durrës in June 2019, when the car he was driving was shot with a gun.

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