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"Missing" for days, where Ervis Martinaj was last seen

"Missing" for days, where Ervis Martinaj was last seen

Ervis Martinaj has lost contact with his family. It was the latter who made the complaint to the police.

The loss of contacts comes shortly after his cousin Brilant Martinaj was killed. The police are investigating whether this is a staged act, or whether Martinaj was found by his opponents.

Ervis Martinaj, for the last time, was seen in the city of Laçi, he was seen on July 18, the date when the last farewell was given to the three victims who were killed in Fushë Krujë, Brilant Martinaj, Besmir Hoxha and Diklen Vata.

According to "ABC.al", Martinaj took part in the funeral and drove in an armored "Toyota Land Cruiser" car, accompanied by Ylli Ibrahimi, who is known as his right-hand man.


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