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The incinerator of Elbasan, Lala: Stela Gugallja has self-identified and presented himself to the Austrian authorities

The incinerator of Elbasan, Lala: Stela Gugallja has self-identified and

Stela Gugallja, the administrator of the Alb-Tek Energy company, who has been declared wanted by the Special Prosecutor's Office as a defendant in the investigation file for the Elbasan incinerator, has been detained in Austria.

Invited to the show "Opinion" on TV Klan, journalist Klodiana Lala says that she has contacted Gugallja's lawyer, Klodian Skenderi, to whom she states that she has confirmed the fact that Gugallja has self-identified and has personally appeared before the Austrian authorities.

Lala adds that according to Gugallaj's lawyer, the latter has declared to the Austrian authorities that he is a wanted person while adding that afterwards the authorities in Vienna released him and notified the Albanian prosecution.

Klodiana Lala : I contacted Stela Gugallja's lawyer, Klodian Skenderi, who confirmed to me the fact that Stela Gugallja has self-identified and appeared in person to the Austrian authorities, giving her details and stating that she was a wanted person due to the charges. that the Special Prosecutor's Office had established. The authorities in Vienna have released her and have informed the Albanian prosecution that this citizen was identified within the territory...

Gugalle's self-identification came several months before the international search warrant became valid in the system. The January search warrant is a warrant that is first made national and has several procedures that go all the way to Interpol. At that moment, the Austrian court released her and notified the Albanian side if there was a request or a claim regarding this citizen. The Special Prosecutor's Office has sent the request for extradition, which is being examined, but until today there is no answer. I asked the lawyer whether Gugallja requested a political asylum status, but he did not confirm such a fact. 


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