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He was on the 'black list' of the Haxhiu gang, says lawyer Doga: I heard the news from the police

He was on the 'black list' of the Haxhiu gang, says lawyer Doga: I

Lawyer Adriatik Doga has told how he learned the news that he was targeted by Leart Haxhiu's gang to be eliminated.

Invited to Syri TV, Doga stated that he was never threatened by Haxhi's group and so far there is no additional information from the prosecution.

" I was informed about the assassination attempt from the communication that the general director made to the media during the operation. I neither suspected nor was threatened nor did I understand at any time that an assassination attempt was made against me, there was no reason to kill me at this door of the house because I am on the street every day and they killed me wherever they wanted.

I have not communicated with any person and whoever wants to can communicate with me, I have not hidden and I have no conflict with anyone and I am ready to go wherever the police ask me.

I don't have to ask for a protection order because I don't feel endangered and if the state thinks to protect me thanks to the accusations of the repentant, let it take measures. Artan Tafani is my cousin and we met three months ago, we drank coffee at the bar, while I have no communication with Laerti and I have no conflict with him.

The family has not received her well, she feels scared and she is the most fragile part of a person, while Tafan's family members have left Albania because they are afraid of killing her ," he said.


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