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Cocaine was seized in Durrës, four people were arrested

Cocaine was seized in Durrës, four people were arrested

Durrës police have arrested 4 people in the framework of the police operation codenamed "Taxi Driver", after they are accused of drug trafficking.

The following citizens were handcuffed: Erges Shehi , 30 years old, Vilson Mimini , 29 years old (previously convicted of active corruption), Armando Gjoka , 55 years old, all three residents of Durrës and Agron Baci , 52 years old, resident of Tirana.

According to official sources, the citizen Armando Gjoka had come to the beach area, with his taxi, together with the citizen Agron Baci (passenger), to buy a quantity of narcotics from two other citizens.

"At the moment of the ascertainment and intervention of the Police, citizens Erges Shehi and Vilson Mimini, who possessed the narcotics, were in a bar in the beach area and as soon as they noticed the presence of the Police, they violently opposed and tried to leave. but were neutralized and arrested by the Police during the pursuit.During the attempt to leave, these citizens threw a package, which was later found to be cocaine, weighing about 900 grams.During the operation were also arrested two other citizens Armando Gjoka and Agron Baci, who would buy the narcotics. " said in the police notice.

The Blues of Durrës have seized as material evidence the narcotics, the taxi vehicle and 6 mobile phones. The materials were forwarded to the Durrës Prosecutor's Office, for further investigation, for the criminal offense "Production and sale of narcotics", committed in collaboration.

Cocaine was seized in Durrës, four people were arrested

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