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Kastrati Group also enters the media, buying 60% of Euronews Albania

Kastrati Group also enters the media, buying 60% of Euronews Albania

Kastrati Group, the largest group in the country has entered the media market, through the purchase of 60% of shares of Euronews Albania.

The news was announced by the company itself in a press release:

"Kastrati Group has officially become part of Intermedia Group today with 60% of the shares, while 40% of the shares remain with Mr. Theodhori Çami. The company known for its success in investing in various fields has extended its ambition to the media market by becoming the owner of the shares of one of the most successful televisions in Albania.

Intermedia group is a media company which also includes Euronews Albania, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia as the first franchise in the history of the large family of Euronews Group, information media Nr. 1 in Europe.

With a courageous and unusual investment in the region, both in technology and human resources, Euronews Albania, in just 2 years has managed to be the vanguard of a media revolution, much sought after by citizens and investors in Albania.

This professional union will be accompanied by a new investment plan, which has as its first goal, the establishment and development with the same professional ambition for Euronews Kosovo and Euronews Macedonia North, where the Albanian-speaking project will be expanded.

Kastrati Group is a leading company in the region in many fields, mainly in the field of energy but not only, with headquarters in Albania. The company, founded in the early 1990s, through its network and representative offices, is well-positioned in all the most important regions around the world. From year to year, from decade to decade, Kastrati Group has intensified investments in a number of other important sectors, which makes it one of the most important groups of investors in Albania, the region and beyond.

With this move, Kastrati Group aims at success as a media leader for the Albanian-speaking territories ", it is said in the press release.

Earlier, the Balfin Group, the second largest in the country, entered the media market, through the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the television with economic profile, Scan TV. Monitor

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