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"There were alerts from the anti-mafia about him", RAI reporter: Agaçi, lawyer of important crime bosses

"There were alerts from the anti-mafia about him", RAI reporter:

The Italian journalist, in an interview for SYRI TV, Giorgio Mottola said that Engjëll Agaçi is a key figure of the Rama-Meloni pact for immigrants.

Mottola said this agreement has come in a suspicious and dangerous background as Agaçi has been the lawyer of important crime bosses.

"From these investigations, some aspects emerged that none of us knew, because even in Italy, the conditions of how this agreement was reached have remained completely confidential. Because we know that Meloni met with Rama in August, but we don't know who participated in these negotiations. We were sold as if Albania was doing a favor to Italy, so we were sold the tale of the charity.  Then we discovered that we were dealing with an agreement that does not solve anything for the immigration problem in Italy because last year we had an influx of 150 thousand immigrants, while only 3 thousand will come to Albania at least for the moment.

But Albania's role in this agreement is even more understandable. That is, on the day of relations between Italian and Albanian criminal organizations, everything becomes clearer. We can also see what was the role of the lawyer Agaçi in Italy, who was the lawyer of the most important bosses in Italy, who secured a special treatment. We found out that there were alerts from the magistrates and the anti-mafia about how Italian mafia bosses were easily extradited to Albania, despite the fact that in Italy they had received sentences of 20 years, when they came to Albania they served only two or three years or a few months and then left free.  So we were surprised when we found out that the lawyer of these bosses was Agaçi.  Many times I have tried to contact Edi Rama and Agac. I tried several times, but no response. I want to tell them that Italy and Albania are very similar in this, because even in Italy I have a lot of difficulty getting interviews on issues more important to public opinion," he said.

The journalist said that there is absolutely evidence for what he says about Agac. According to him, the history of the agreement on the pact of immigrants can become dangerous. There are even data on other refugee camps on the border between Albania and Kosovo.

"You Albanians should ask yourself why this agreement is needed, which in the long run can bring very serious consequences," said the journalist.

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