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The 3rd Convention, 'Pro-Family and Life', the resolution for the protection of children, the nation, freedom of expression and belief is adopted

The 3rd Convention, 'Pro-Family and Life', the resolution for the

The Albanian Coalition for Family and Life, today, in its third convention, has gathered important personalities from politics and religious communities with the aim of protecting the family.

The participants approved the National Platform Pro Families 2024-2025 for the protection of children, the family, the nation, freedom of expression and belief

The resolution contains 10 basic points of resistance to face the Tsunami of Agendas of undoing the Family, sexualization of children, depopulation of Albania, undoing of human, civic, national identity and "political correctness" censorship according to the standards of "cultural Marxism" and "political correctness".

Resolution adopted:

We ask that politics, society, citizens make our homeland the best home in the world for the Albanian family, and we appeal to all political, state, economic, social, cultural and civic actors to engage throughout the year 2024-2025, but one National Public Debate:

1. To stop the depopulation of Albania by building a Pro-Family Economic and Social Policy that Albanians want to build their present and future in Albania.

2. For a complete orientation of the State, Political Class, Religious Institutions and Society in favor of the family, in favor of life, in favor of children in order not to allow the attempt of globalist agendas to influence the violation of the current Constitutional Principles that guarantee the traditional form of the family.

3. In order not to allow constitutional changes and Albanian legislation aimed at the violation of the identity and traditional model of the family, the sexuality of children, the undoing of parental, human, citizen, national identity and censorship of "political correctness" "cultural Marxism" and "political correctness" according to the standards of

4. To prevent the instrumentalization of public institutions by globalist agendas of "political correctness" according to the standards of "cultural Marxism" to be used against the values ​​and traditional identity of the family as a weapon of censorship and repression, blackmail and strangulation against anyone who dares to protect these values.

5. To guarantee Albanian parents the right of veto for consensus on the form of identity and gender education of children and any form that harms the moral, mental and physical health of children.

6. To not allow the return of educational environments to the nest of globalist agendas that aim at the sexualization of children, but the return of the school to a healthy nest of education for a healthy and safe generation with the active participation of parents.

7. To turn schools into a nest of patriotic education and empower them as future citizens and parents.

8. To establish and implement regulatory and self-regulatory standards in the media that protect children from the harmful influences of propaganda of sexualization, drugs, violence, psychological orientation and degrading and depersonalizing models.

9. To guarantee freedom of belief and encourage religious institutions to play a more active role in creating social and moral cohesion in pro-family policies

10. To increase and focus the public political debate on the creation of pro-family policies and the protection of children as the priority issue of saving Albania from depopulation.

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