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Poland's crisis and the enigma of Sylvihno's scheme, the reasons why Albania can come out of Warsaw with points

Poland's crisis and the enigma of Sylvihno's scheme, the reasons why

The "Euro 2024" qualifiers leave today for Albania, where they will face Poland in Warsaw in the evening. A very interesting and long-awaited duel for us as it is the match where the new coach Sylvihno will debut.

Although the Poles are favorites because of the prestige they have and play in their field, there are still some reasons that make Albania believe that they can succeed.

The first is that there is a group of players who play at high levels and the fact that they have been playing together for a long time does not create confusion.

The second is that with the arrival of a new coach, the footballers are predisposed to give something more, as this match is an indicator for future challenges as to who will deserve the starter's jersey.

The third is that Poland lost the first game against the Czech Republic in a disappointing result for Lewandowski and his friends, and the team's condition is not good after the controversy over the World Cup reward.

The fourth is the new scheme that Albania is expected to use. With no previous game, our national team is now an enigma to the opponents as the new coach has demanded attacking football and with 3 attacking players up front, anything can happen.

The fifth is that Albania is playing for two results, where even though we would all like to get the 3 points, a draw would not be rejected.

The match will be played tonight at 20:45./PANORAMASPORT

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