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Back in time for Tirana and Partizan, after 19 years they "fight" again for the championship title

Back in time for Tirana and Partizan, after 19 years they "fight"

The last time when Partizan and Tirana fought for the championship title at least until the 26th week, where we are in the current season, was the 2003-2004 edition. In that period, the teams of the capital, including Dinamo, made the "law" in the Albanian championship.

After 26 weeks played, Tirana led with 59 points, compared to Partizan's 52. The two teams faced each other hard at distance up until this point in the season. Then Tirana, more used to such competitions in those seasons, managed to create an almost irreversible break.

Partizan had another card in the game: the Cup. Feeling that the championship was getting out of hand day by day, Partizan decided to focus on the second most important trophy in the country, with the aim that at least the season would not end without a trophy.

In the end, Tirana managed to be declared champion. In the Superior Category, Partizani finished fourth, but the Albanian Cup plan went to perfection. The Reds went to the final with Dinamo and managed to win with a goal by Henri Ndreka in the 12th minute. In the Supercup, Tirana and Partizan faced off again, with the reds winning 2-0 and collecting another trophy, as well as registering a small "revenge" for the lost competition in the championship.

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