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Known by the nickname "Daja": Dan Hutra was a spy for the State Police

Known by the nickname "Daja": Dan Hutra was a spy for the State Police

Vladimir Kurti, the brother of Etleva Kurti who was executed by Dan Hutra on March 1, 2023, has described the latter as a police spy.

In an interview from prison for "Uniko", Kurti confessed to the journalist Spartak Koka that Hutra was also known by the nickname "Daja". According to Kurti, Hutra has put at least 3-4 drug gangs busted by the police in jail.

Kurti said that Hutra served as a police infiltrator when he was abroad.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Spartak Koka: How can you describe the relationship between you and Dan Hutra at the beginning of this good social relationship you had?

Vladimir Kurti: Well, after he started saying these things, I help you get him out of prison, I do... I began to suspect that he might be a spy for the State Police. After there was information that he was known by the nickname "Daja" outside.

Spartak Koka: "Uncle"?

Vladimir Kurti: "Uncle", meaning that he was one of these secret agents who keep them in order to infiltrate and...

Spartak Koka: Are you sure that he was a police infiltrator?

Vladimir Kurti: Yes, he also put in prison... there are 3-4 groups that were caught with drugs, he put them in and spied on them.

Spartak Koka: Are you sure? Are 4 drug gangs caught by Dan Hutra?

Vladimir Kurti: Yes, they were caught by Dan, they were spied on when he was out infiltrating.

Spartak Koka: And when did you find out that he was a police infiltrator? During the time you were in prison or when your relationship broke up?

Vladimir Kurti: No, no. The last few days before I asked him to leave the room, that I asked him to leave the room. Those days I know from the sacks outside, from the sacks of the prison. I found out that just like that... Then he told me that I'm in prison for... I'm in prison because I took my father's blood. Then from some Kuksians who were customs officers who were arrested, I found out that he had killed a woman.

Spartak Koka: His roommate.

Vladimir Kurti: Yes, he had killed a woman and cut her neck... That's when I found out and started to drive him away because I said... I suspected that he is a spy. Even I said this has come 100% to hurt me.

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