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"La Repubblica": The refugee camp in Gjadër opens in May, the government was bluffed, the costs reach 1 billion euros

"La Repubblica": The refugee camp in Gjadër opens in May, the

The Italian media "La Repubblica" has provided details of the construction of the refugee camp in Gjadër, expected to accommodate illegal immigrants caught at sea, trying to reach the Italian shores.

According to the local media, the work on the construction of the camp started on March 23 and is expected to be completed on November 10. This is written in the decision of the Ministry of Defense that entrusted the military engineers with the construction of centers for immigrants which, however, according to the intentions of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and above all the tender for the management of the centers, should open their doors on May 20.

Construction sites just opened, it will take months

In the port of Shengjin and in the former military base of Gjadri, the works are in the first steps, inspections are being carried out, which are highlighting a number of difficulties in the area. It is impossible that the centers will be ready by May, it will take months, the whole summer will pass.

The first documents reveal the bluff, as the costs for the center in Albania continue to rise and risk reaching the figure of around one billion euros in five years. Because to the official figures, which amount to about 150 million euros per year multiplied by five years, the reimbursable costs at the bottom of the list, for transport and health care and, in terms of structures, subcontracts, must be added.

Diverted extrabudgetary funds

Also, the costs of building two centers, that of the reception in the port of Shengjin and the camp in Gjadër, should be considered additional budget. The works entrusted to the engineers will cost around 65 million euros. Money which was partially taken from a draft law that deals with the use of Pnrr funds, as the opposition representatives underlined.

"Every day that passes the bluff of the Italy-Albania agreement becomes more and more clear, says Matteo Mauri. Costs increase every month. In a March decree, another 65 million euros were added, breaking the ceiling of 700 million. A disproportionate amount of money to do something completely useless."

The tender for the management of the centers has been awarded

In the following days, the Ministry of the Interior will announce the 36 million euro tender for the management of the centers. Under consideration are the offers of three companies selected from the thirty participants. Still to be announced is that for the supply of prefabricated modules to be placed in the areas when engineers and subcontractors have completed their excavation, reclamation, construction of sewers and systems, with no expenditure limit.

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