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"Alms for the end of the year", pensioners: Mockery of the government

"Alms for the end of the year", pensioners: Mockery of the government

Pensioners have started to receive the bonus of 5 thousand new lei from the government, while they consider it insufficient.

An elderly woman told MCN that she will organize the end of the year table with as much money as will be left over from the monthly expenses.

" I received the pension and the reward. 100 thousand received pension, 50 bonus. What will he take first, I have a bunch of medicine. I will take medicine, 60 thousand per month. I tell the chick and the oyster help me. He will give me oysters for New Year's Eve, I have a daughter in Greece. The government's 50,000 Lek is not enough," he said.

Meanwhile, another elderly person said that the government makes fun of the old 50,000 lek they give him.

"These are jokes, we can't buy anything. I don't think we will buy the turkey. We will borrow some money from Edi Rama. They kicked me out, there is no money. Come after 2:00 p.m. or tomorrow morning, they told me," said the elderly man interviewed near a post office in the capital.

An elderly woman claimed that she managed to get her pension and bonus, but that most of the money goes to medicine.

"I will buy medicines, blood pressure, diabetes, I have a pension of 93,000 lek, I can manage with worse. I will spend the New Year in Kalamajte, because I can't do anything by myself. I can't buy a rooster for 50,000 ALL, the rooster costs 70-80,000. With the old man, a village chicken and find us happy", he declared.

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