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"Mitsotakis has personally met his father", Fredi Beleri's son speaks for the first time

"Mitsotakis has personally met his father", Fredi Beleri's son

The son of the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, spoke for the first time about his father's arrest and the political clash between Albania and Greece.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, he was also asked if there were threats against his family, during the electoral campaign or afterwards.

He emphasized that in real life there have never been threats, except for negative comments on social networks.

" During the campaign, we have not had any threats, the image that appears on television is different and the image that we have in Himare and Albania, or wherever we go. We have had threats on social media, but in real life nothing has been valid. We live in complete harmony", Beleri said.

He also underlined Athens' support for the father's case, saying that Prime Minister Mitsotakis knows his father personally.

According to him, the increased interest of Athens comes because they are Greek citizens.

" Naturally we have had the support of Athens. Here even the political leadership has shown interest in this matter, since we are Greek citizens. Not only the Albanian community lives in Himara, but also the Greek community. You should perceive this as self-evident. Mr. Mitsotakis came to Himare on December 22, visited us, met us closely and met him personally. You understand that he cannot accept some things.

Of course, we should be friendly countries, but this matter must be resolved. The European family has some rules, just like the good neighbor has some rules. I don't want to make any comments about the relations between the two governments ," he said.


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