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"People could have been killed", the resident recounts the moment of the explosion in Lushnje

"People could have been killed", the resident recounts the moment of

Residents who live near the industrial area in Lushnje, where the strong explosion occurred that caused two victims and 7 injuries, have confessed the horror they experienced at the time of the event.

One of the residents says that he was talking to his family via the Internet when the explosion happened. After disconnecting, he says that he was notified of an explosion and immediately left Greece for Lushnje.

"I was in Greece and I heard from my family that something unexpected had happened in my family. I obliged and came urgently. Thank God I have a good family. When I came here I saw that the damage was considerable. As you can see, I am not an expert.

My sister gave me the first news. It was here, she informed me. The internet was disconnected, I had no contact with my family. When I came here, I was glad to find people outside. Glass everywhere, bars thrown here and there" , he declares in front of the cameras.

The damage to his apartment is considerable. Broken windows, broken doors. He adds that with these damages, people could have been killed.

"With this condition of the house, people could have been killed ," said the resident of the area.

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