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"He blackened our lives, he decided on everything", the 19-year-old recounts the moment of her father's murder

"He blackened our lives, he decided on everything", the 19-year-old

Hygerta Meta has confessed how she shot dead with a gun 4 times in the direction of her father, Pëllumb Meta.

The girl testified to the police that she committed the crime after her father had decided to betroth her to a boy she did not love. According to Hygerta, the 50-year-old did not ask the family about anything and made every decision alone.

She says that on the day of the incident, she did not have a conflict with her father, but took the gun and shot him 4 times. Then he wrapped his body with sheets and bags. The 19-year-old has shown no remorse.

"I am happy that I took this job and I do not regret that I killed him. He tortured us and blackened my mother's life. I am the youngest child in the family. The older sister is married, there are 2 brothers and then me.

Mom and I never talked in the family. The father spoke and decided about everything. He never asked us what we wanted. When he made the decision about my marriage, that's where the end came. He didn't listen to what I wanted. I harbored a hatred for a long time. On the day of the event, we did not conflict at all. I took the gun Dad used when he went to work as a guard and shot him inside the cattle shed. After the crime, I wrapped him in a sheet, then bandages, and finally a bag. I threw the gun by the sea," she said.

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