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Vaccination is stopped in 'Skënderbej' square, it will resume in the afternoon; Reason

Vaccination is stopped in 'Skënderbej' square, it will resume in

The vaccination process has been stopped in "Skënderbej" square. The cause is the high temperatures that have engulfed the country. The vaccination process is expected to resume later in the afternoon at 16:30. 

Currently, in the stands located along the space of 'Skënderbej' square, the doors are closed. People who go for vaccinations should go back in the afternoon to enable this.

At 20:00 last night, the week open for citizens +18 years old to be vaccinated ended and according to the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, during this week about 70 thousand citizens +18 years old were vaccinated, while the total number went to 1,138,771 vaccines.

It is worth noting that the Technical Committee of Experts will meet today at 13:00. This meeting comes a day after the confirmation that the "Delta" variant of the Covid-19 virus is circulating in our country.

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