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Looking for cocaine in Fier, Hoxha: Albanian police stopped the Colombian before, but let him go

Looking for cocaine in Fier, Hoxha: Albanian police stopped the Colombian

For the cocaine laboratory discovered in Frakull of Fier, 10 Albanians, 2 Colombians have been arrested so far, while two more Colombians have been declared wanted.

Investigative journalist Artan Hoxha said on ABC Live that one of the two wanted Colombians was detained in the past by the Albanian police, but was released after he wanted to follow him and reveal the suspicions he had about the collaboration of the Colombians with the Albanians. for drugs.

Hoxha said that the Albanian authorities have supervised the Colombian citizens who have come to Albania during this time and that the wanted person had entered Albania regularly.


In the village of Frakull te Madhe in Fier, about 24 tons of chemical fertilizer were found yesterday, where 430 kg of cocaine worth 40 million euros were hidden.

The arrested are Viktor Cervanaku, Zenel Cervanaku, Denilson Cervanaku, Enxhi Ferhati, Nikolin Gjolena, Klajdi Vrioni (Kodra), Julian Malaj, Redion Meshi, Bledar Matoshi, Marildo Rona.

Chemical fertilizer and cocaine were found yesterday in the house of the former mayor of Frakull municipality in Fier, Viktor Červenaku.  

The cocaine came to Albania from Colombia, transiting through two ports, Greece and Montenegro. Its value, if it were to go on the market, would be around 40 million euros.

The investigations were carried out between the Albanian and Montenegrin authorities, as well as in cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies, and started in July of this year.

This is the second case that a cocaine laboratory has been discovered in Albania.

In 2015, one was discovered in Xibrake, Elbasan, where two Colombian citizens were also arrested, chemists who extracted quantities of cocaine mixed with liquid chemicals, imported from Colombia.



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