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Arben Ahmetaj in the game? Alda Klosi can confess the origin of 600 thousand euros: I hate prison

Arben Ahmetaj in the game? Alda Klosi can confess the origin of 600 thousand

The former head of Arben Ahmetaj's cabinet, Alda Klosi, can cooperate with justice and shed light on the origin of around 600,000 euros she had at home.

He was put under investigation for three charges, among which the one of "Cleaning the proceeds of the criminal offense", Klosi asked for freedom, claiming that the isolation in the prison was terrifying and worsened his health.

The investigation group has asked Alda Klos to speak and cooperate with the investigation bodies, showing the names of the people who took them home, the euros and dollars in bags and cardboard boxes.

"...we initially investigated the theft of private property, the house of the official of two important ministries, Alda Klosi, and the most trusted person of the former minister, Arben Ahmetaj. During the investigation, it turned out that everything was staged, with the aim of hiding a rather large sum in euros, dollars and lek. Now the case has become interesting, since we have two people who have cooperated. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to convince Alda Klosi to cooperate as well..." , stated an investigator for "Ora News".

The intention of the prosecution is to go to the owner of this financial sum and the real source of their creation, not being satisfied only with the fact of discovering the three persons who have served to hide these euros, and on the other hand, to leave their owner without traced.

"...if Alda Klosi will agree to speak and show the whole scheme of hiding the euros and dollars as well as their real owner, then it would be easier for us to solve the puzzle of this matter, completely unraveling the mystery...",  the investigator stated.

The investigator did not rule out the possibility that the amount of money could belong to former minister Arben Ahmetaj, adding that all variants are open and verified at the desk.


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