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"The pain is heavy in my soul", Mediu testifies for 'Gërdec': I express the deepest human regret

"The pain is heavy in my soul", Mediu testifies for

The former Minister of Defense, Fatmir Mediu, testified today in the Special Court, where the hearing for Gërdec is taking place.

The media began the testimony with an apology for the lives lost in the 2008 tragedy and their families. He said he would like to undo that incident by expressing the deepest human regret.

"Since March 15, 2008, the lives of some of the people who are in this hall today have changed radically. After the explosion in Gërdec, many of them experienced serious events, up to the tragic loss of their loved ones. This the tragic event also changed my life and that of my family quite a bit. Since that day, the weight of the pain and suffering of these families has been heavy in my mind and soul, to whom I humbly apologize again for what happened and express all my regret my deep human", declared Mediu.

Mediu explained that it was not his actions or non-actions, nor carelessness that influenced the Gërdec explosion, an event for which he also resigned at the time, and according to him this was taken as weakness.

"Even though, neither intentionally nor negligently, it is not my actions or inactions, or my personal interest, that caused or influenced the explosion in Gërdec, again as the Minister of Defense, I have recognized and accepted yesterday and today I accept my full moral responsibility for what happened. In reflection of this responsibility, as well as out of great pain for the lives lost, I resigned from the position of Minister of Defense.

I am sorry that the act of my resignation as a minister and then my humble behavior and attitude regarding the tragedy, certain political and non-political groups, have seen as an act and behavior of weakness and as a reflection of a guilty individual. I have chosen to be sparing in my public explanations and avoid talking about the event as much as possible. With the conviction that my explanations and truths about the event, for the Durdaj family and others, would not only not ease their pain, but on the contrary," continues Mediu .


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