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The military base of Kuçova will be inaugurated tomorrow, Commander Dimo: We have deployed drones

The military base of Kuçova will be inaugurated tomorrow, Commander Dimo:

Brigadier General Ferdinand Dimo, Commander of the Air Force has given details on the inauguration of the Kuçova military base the next day.

Speaking to Euronews Albania, Dimo ​​Ku said that the Kuçova base meets the parameters of other NATO tactical bases.

He also said that a certain number of drones are currently deployed at the base and very soon, according to him, ground-based air defense missiles and anti-drone systems are expected to be installed.

" We are in the last moments and we think that we have prepared everything according to the required standards. It has been an ongoing work that did not start today and will continue in the modernization of infrastructure and equipment systems.

The pride of tomorrow is the pride of all Albanians. The Albanian government and NATO have done their best to install a military base in Kuçovo, which meets all standards. The importance of this base is not only in terms of a military base in Albania, but it has an extraordinary importance through the message transmitted through it, regarding security in the Western Balkans.

The NATO tactical base meets all the parameters like other tactical bases in Europe. This base today in terms of infrastructure meets all the criteria set by NATO. We already have a number of drones deployed, which have their own mission.

Very soon, ground-based air defense systems will be installed on this base, and within a short time, anti-drone systems will also be installed on this base. Today, the drone system is installed on this base and all their features have been seen," said Dimo.


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