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Tomorrow the elections in Kukës, the police publishes the plan of measures: 99 employees will provide the election materials

Tomorrow the elections in Kukës, the police publishes the plan of measures:

The police have published the plan of measures for the elections that will be held tomorrow in the municipality of Kukës.

99 police officers are committed to provide election materials in 74 polling stations and in the vote counting station near KEZAZ no. 11 Kukës.

In order to guarantee public order and peace, in the continuation of the services performed by the State Police every day, 78 other police officers have been engaged.

"Police employees have been asked to show professionalism and correctness in the tasks defined in the plan of measures regarding the taking into custody of election facilities and the instructions of the Central Election Commission.

The structures of the Kuka Local Police Directorate and the Kuka Police Station are very determined and committed to keeping the entire territory under complete control, with the sole purpose of the rule of law. In this context, we appeal to all citizens and entities involved in this process, to fully respect all legal obligations imposed by the Electoral Code and other laws. Also, the State Police guarantees the citizens that it has taken all the measures, so that their constitutional right to elect the head of the local government is exercised freely, peacefully, unspoiled and not intimidated by anyone", the police announced .

The elections come after the dismissal of Safet Gjic with the sexual scandal in the state office, where the former head of the Kukes Municipality was filmed having intimate relations with Alma Kaçi.

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