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From the childhood idol to the Premier League, the unsaid of Armando Broja

From the childhood idol to the Premier League, the unsaid of Armando Broja

Albanian striker Armando Broja has confessed the unsaid of his personal life and football career.

In an interview for "The players tribune" , Broja said that his father was an impetus to become part of the world of football.

"I remember when I was young and just starting football, he would come home late from work and he was exhausted. It might be like 10 or 11 o'clock at night and he might have been working 15 hours a day, but he would always ask, "Armando, did you practice today?" Of course I'm lying, I'd say, "Mmm, yeah?" He would know the truth, though, and we'd go to the park and he'd make me run laps. Twenty times around the field", said Broja.

The striker says that if his father were asked today about Broja's achievements, he would say "Armando, you are not allowed to stop playing football until you lead Albania to a World Cup!".

Among other things, Broja adds that his childhood idol was Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Growing up I became a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, like most kids of my generation. But my father was obsessed with the other Ronaldo. The Brazilian" , said Broja.

Armando has recounted the first moment when he became part of the Premier League and played on the pitch against Leeds. He tells of the excitement he had and the success that followed.

"When the ball hit the net against Leeds, I was lost in the moment. I didn't even know how to celebrate - it was only my first start in the Premier League! I knew that even my parents were going crazy in the stadium, but only after the match when I was scrolling through social networks, I continued to see: Armando Broja is the first Albanian to score in the Premier League. After a while it started to sink in, what it means to make history. It made me think of another thing my dad always told us growing up: "Make sure people remember your name, long after you're gone." There was a moment when England U-21 wanted me and, yes, I thought about that and what I wanted for my future, but honestly ... I didn't have to think too long. I grew up in England, but I am proud to be Albanian" , continued the attacker.

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