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Sessions on "Sterilization" begin at SPAK

Sessions on "Sterilization" begin at SPAK

The session on the issue of Sterilization has started in the Special Anticorruption Court.

Today, it will be decided whether or not the file will go to trial and whether SPAK will send it back for completion of investigations or dismiss the charges against the 9 defendants.

Former minister Ilir Beqaj is also present at the session, who arrived at the GJKKO premises around 08.40.

Defendants in this process are 9 people, two of them were left in the measure of "arrest in prison". Specifically, former Deputy Minister of Health Klodjan Rjepaj and businessman Ilir Rrapaj. Two others have been placed under "house arrest", while the other 5 people, including the former Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj, are under "compulsion to appear".

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