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"He is not able to realize the ideas he had", Paskal Milo: HOW I met Albin Kurti when he was Adem Demaçi's secretary

"He is not able to realize the ideas he had", Paskal Milo: HOW I met

Former Foreign Minister Paskal Milo described how he met the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

Invited to the show 'Politiko' on Top News, Milo says that he has known Kurti since he was the secretary of Adem Demaçi, the representative of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Milo also says that based on his long political experience, Kurti is not able to realize the ideas he had when he was in opposition.

Milo : Albin Kurti for me is a leader with long experience because since I knew him as secretary of Adem Demaçi until now, he has 25 years of active politics. He has concrete political experience and from that rebellious nationalist profile that appeared in the parliament of Kosovo, he is now wearing the costume of the prime minister who has another responsibility on his shoulders and that often the leaders when in opposition have different behavior, are freer to strong, but when they come to power they are forced to reconsider their attitudes because they face the people and the world, the neighbors, the internationals and you can not behave so freely in relation to them. You have responsibilities.

I believe that Kurti has felt this time that he is not able to realize those thoughts and ideas that he had when he was in opposition, he can not do them.

When I got to know him better I saw him reading his statements, he has been a very charming figure to me. There is very good political and general culture. It stands several degrees above the level of political culture in relation to most of the current leaders in Kosovo. It is one of the most distinguished. But seeking to apply some useful nationalist principles in a very difficult governing political life, there is a conflict between idealism as a politician and pragmatism as a government.

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