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They adapted the warehouse for k*nabisi cultivation, the owner and director of OSHEE in handcuffs

They adapted the warehouse for k*nabisi cultivation, the owner and director of

A warehouse adapted for the cultivation of cannabis, by means of lamps, is discovered in Peqin. 

According to the police, the owner of the premises and the director of OSHEE were arrested, as well as 2 employees of this institution are being prosecuted for misuse of duties and failure to report the crime.

"Seized as material evidence, electrical equipment and other items used to cultivate narcotic plants, as well as a small amount of narcotic cannabis.

In implementation of the tasks defined in the national operational plan coded "Clean Territory", as well as based on police intelligence, the Peqin Police Station, in cooperation with the Anti-Narcotics Section of DVP Elbasan, organized the police operation coded "Inside".

As part of the operation, the citizen GK, 37 years old, resident of Peqin, the owner of the warehouse, was arrested for the criminal offenses "Cultivation of narcotic plants", "Production and sale of narcotics" and "Theft of electricity or telephone impulses".

From the inspection of the warehouse owned by the 37-year-old, in the village of Fatishe, the Police found that this environment was adapted for the cultivation and production of cannabis, with equipment that was supplied with illegal electricity connections.

Following the procedural actions, the arrest was made of the EM citizen, 33 years old, resident in Peqin, with the duties of Director of OSHEE, Peqin, for the criminal offenses of "Abuse of duty" and "Criminal failure".

Also, the materials were referred to the Prosecutor's Office, where the proceedings were initiated in a free state for the criminal offenses "Abuse of duty" and "Obstruction of the crime", for the citizen MP, 60 years old, with the duty of electrician of OSHEE, Peqin, and for the citizen AK, 33 years old, with the duty of accountant of this institution.

"Investigations are continuing to identify other persons involved in this criminal activity, as well as for the complete legal documentation of this case", informs the police. 

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of Elbasan General Jurisdiction, for further actions.

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