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Daily use of marijuana exceeds daily consumption of alcoholic beverages in the United States

Daily use of marijuana exceeds daily consumption of alcoholic beverages in the

Millions of Americans say they use marijuana on a daily or near-daily basis, according to an analysis of national survey data. The number of people who use marijuana, according to this study, already exceeds the number of people who consume alcoholic beverages every day.

Alcohol still has widespread consumption, but 2022 marked the first time that marijuana use surpassed daily alcohol consumption, says study author Jonathan Caulkins of Carnegie Mellon University.

"About 40 percent of cannabis users use it daily, or almost daily, a pattern that is more akin to smoking than to typical alcohol consumption," says Mr. Caulkins, who is a policy researcher who related to the use of cannabis.

The research, based on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, was published Wednesday in the journal Addiction. The survey is considered a reliable source of self-reported data on the approximate use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, according to the study.

In the period from 1992 to 2022, the rate of those reporting daily or near-daily marijuana use increased 15-fold. According to Mr. Caulins, people are now more likely to report marijuana use while the public's tolerance for its use is increasing, which may explain the increase.

Most states in the US already allow the use of marijuana for medical reasons or personal use, although under federal law its use continues to be prohibited. In November, voters in Florida will decide on a constitutional amendment that would allow the use of marijuana for personal needs, and the federal government is taking steps to classify marijuana as a less dangerous narcotic.

Research shows that frequent users of marijuana are likely to become addicted to it, says Dr. David A. Gorelick, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, who was not part of the study.

The number of daily marijuana users suggests that many people are at risk of problematic cannabis use or addiction, he says.

"Frequent use also increases the risk of developing cannabis-related psychosis," a serious condition that causes a loss of sensitivity to reality, he said./VOA

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