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"Plisat" were left without tickets, Berisha: Order of Rama, primitive act, anti-sport and anti-national

"Plisat" were left without tickets, Berisha: Order of Rama, primitive

The head of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha reacted after the Pristina "Plisat" fans were left without tickets for today's match between Albania and the Faroe Islands.

In a Facebook post, Berisha writes that the exclusion of "Plisave" from the match by order of Edi Rama, is a primitive, anti-sport and anti-national act.

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The exclusion of "Plisave" from the match by order of Edi Rama, a primitive, anti-sport and anti-national act.
Dear friends, in a primitive act of revenge, Edi Rama orders the FFF and Taulant Bego Jaris that the famous "Plisat" are not allowed in the Stadium to attend today's match of the national team with the Faroe Islands. This collective punishment due to the slogan they displayed in the Stadium in the match with the Czech Republic against the Albanian Pashiq constitutes a shameful anti-national racist act, a self-humiliation of those who follow the order of Edi Rama.
Tribute to "Plisave"! Shame on Edi Rama and those who prevent the epic "Plisat" from being in the stadium tonight!
For more, read the following article:
'Plisat', the fan group from Pristina will not be present at 'Air Albania' for the match against the Faroe Islands, this evening at 20:45 in Tirana.
It is learned that the Albanian Football Federation has not allocated the tickets for the group, as happens in every duel for the red and black ultras.
Festive evening, the police warn the fans: Strict control, we ask for understanding
. 'Curse whoever does not love us together', this seems to be the phrase that made the AFL expel them.
For this, the fan group reacted for the first time by implying that due to political interference they were excluded. They also show that they will not abandon the National Team.
'Plisat news once again. There are no tickets. But we don't have time for your news today. The pleats have completed their mission, SUCCESSFULLY. When everyone turned their backs on the national team, we were there! These same, the unstoppable, the unblackmailable, the only ones, the 'criminals', the 'traitors' ... we will always be there. Despite the interventions of politics and anyone else, we will always be stronger.
No tickets - no problem. Let the others go to the party tonight. After all, the National Team belongs to everyone. We will be back again, even on holidays - even on hard days. Pleats are on holiday. Prishtina is celebrating tonight. Celebrate because she breathes RED AND BLACK. Because WHERE THERE ARE PLEATS IS ALBANIA. See you in Germany', write 'Plisat'.

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