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"Behind the scenes" of the investigations for former minister Beqaj, Artan Hoxha: He considers it a political decision

"Behind the scenes" of the investigations for former minister Beqaj,

Journalist Artan Hoxha revealed details about SPAK's investigations against the former Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj. 

Invited to the show "The Unexposed" on MCN TV, Hoxha said that the former minister was not included in the first security measures requested by SPAK. 

Mr. Beqaj's responsibility is the fact that he, as the head of the Ministry of Health, his subordinate, the former deputy minister, influenced that this concession was taken from Ilir Rrapaj's company and the Italian citizen .

In the first phase of the investigation, even though Mr. Beqaj said today that this investigation has been going on for eight years, Mr. Beqaj's involvement was made only after Judge Erion Bani, in an unprecedented case so far, asked the prosecution, that unlike the measures of security that he had requested, to see also the position of Mr. Ilir Beqaj.

This caused the prosecution to review its decision and request a new security measure, preventing Ilir Beqaj from leaving the territory of Albania. He also forced him to appear before the judicial police officer every Friday. Until now, Ilir Beqja is suspected of abuse of office. From there and back we will see how the procedures will come.

 It is an investigation that has lasted a long time and apparently, the case has reached here only because of a pressure that has been put on him in relation to this situation. Mr. Beqaj said that he does not agree with this measure, but he will not appeal it. But he said that this is a political position ," Hoxha declared. 

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