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"Why did you give birth to a girl?"/ ​​Serious in Greece, the Albanian young woman is barbarically abused by her husband for 2 years

"Why did you give birth to a girl?"/ ​​Serious in Greece, the

A 28-year-old Albanian man has been arrested in Greece after he continuously abused his 22-year-old wife.

Greek media reports that the young man brutally abused his wife because of the gender of their child, as the couple has a minor daughter, while the 28-year-old wanted a boy.

The mother and baby lived for five months with closed shutters and no sunlight, as the 28-year-old did not allow them to go out.  

The scenes of horror suffered by the girl were revealed on the evening of September 21, when the neighbors mobilized after hearing her screams from inside the house.

When they persistently knocked on the door, the 28-year-old opened it and tried to escape, while the residents stopped him, while the police arrived at the scene and arrested him.

As it was learned, that night the 28-year-old man, after increasing violence, grabbed the young woman by the neck and tried to strangle her, while the subsequent examination of the woman indeed revealed signs of strangulation.

Currently, the young man has been arrested, while the mother and minor daughter have been granted a protection order.

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