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June, the month of infrastructure "mega-tenders", 8.5 billion ALL for road rehabilitation

June, the month of infrastructure "mega-tenders", 8.5 billion ALL for


The month of June has turned out to be the most 'favorable' month for opening funds for public investments.

The data of the Public Procurement Agency show that only in June of this year, 37 large tenders were announced for rehabilitation projects in different areas of the country, with a focus on tourism and economic development.

In total, the value of the tenders reaches 8.5 billion ALL. In the list, there are also tenders for the rehabilitation of villages with tourist potential with a project divided into 4 lots, each of which has a value of 187 million ALL.

The tender with the highest value is the one for intervention in regional and local roads and junctions, worth 575 million ALL. The project in question envisages intervention and rehabilitation of road axes in Dibër, Përmet, Krujë, Lezhë, etc.

Also, another tender announced in June is the one for the construction of the Durres Promenade, worth 416 million lek, to which the project for the new Port of Durres will be attached.

There are about 16 tenders worth over 300 million ALL.

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