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The government demands the confiscation of the "Prestige Resort", the police descend on the premises of the building

The government demands the confiscation of the "Prestige Resort", the

The police arrived this morning at the "Prestige Resort" premises, with a decision to confiscate one of the resort's buildings. Police officers have created a long cordon preventing legal representatives of the resort and the media from entering.

KKT has made a decision to confiscate two Prestige Resort buildings on March 1, 2023. Representatives of the Ministry of Health have landed at the resort's premises, at a time when the 'Hysenbelliu Group' has appealed the decision to the Administrative Court.

The building that the government has decided to confiscate will be handed over to the social service to turn it into social housing. The police forcefully opened the doors of the resort and ordered the media to leave.

The president of "Hysenbelliu Group", Irfan Hysenbelliu, has reacted regarding the latest government action against the "Prestige Resort" building. Hysenbelliu said the attack on him comes after he openly expressed his support for the opposition.

Hysenbelliu stated that he sent an SMS to the Prime Minister where he told him that with the actions he is taking, he will turn into a second Erdogan.

"I feel very calm because what you don't expect from a sick man, his psychic charts were published some time ago, I didn't want to go into details. My reports with the prime minister say that we had good relations. We have had debates because he has one thing inside himself, another thing reflects. He is black at heart. He is a very good actor, every time I am abroad, when we were in Belgrade, as soon as he saw me he lost it and the next day he took the Police to Prestige. When I went to the USA, he told me that he was angry with himself.

I'm only talking about a foreign minister, he told me to put pressure on me, he sent me an SMS. How could a Foreign Minister put pressure on him, when he had vision and respect. I am telling only 0.01% of Edi Rama. You will come back the second Erdogan, I sent him an SMS. DASH's report, when he challenges the largest state, what about me? I am a citizen. He behaves in meetings as if they are a rag, he has despised that flag" , said Hysenbelliu.

The government's action against "Prestige Resort" comes two days after the report of the State Department, which highlighted the concern about the collapse of the swimming pool with tritol in December.

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