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The cultural monument house of Pashko Vasa is demolished, his granddaughter raises the alarm

The cultural monument house of Pashko Vasa is demolished, his granddaughter

Rajmonda Vasa, the heiress of the great Pashko Vasa, says that she once waited and escorted friends and visitors to the patriot's house, which is a cultural monument. But today the roof of the house is leaking and the plaster has fallen off. Restorations made in 2012 and 2018 have been defective and have turned the apartment into rubble. Rajmonda says that she informed the minister to the prime minister, but did not receive a response.

Rajmonda Vasa: I have worried you about the problems that this apartment has started to have and that has been forgotten by the institutions. These are the problems that have been created recently by low quality work. I see no answer. Moisture has formed because the roof has leaked. I have sent you some pictures to raise the alarm that this is collapsing.

The well-known architect, Zef Çuni, who has seen these problems up close, talks about the problems, saying that it is necessary for the Ministry of Culture to intervene, since it is also the 130th anniversary of his death.

Zef Çuni, architect: It is a monument with extraordinary values, as a cultural monument, but also as a characteristic popular dwelling in Shkodra. It is also a historical monument, as Pashko Vasa lived there. It is necessary for the Ministry of Culture to intervene as it is also the 130th anniversary of his death. The local government does not pay attention to these facilities.

The show "Stop" is addressed to the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the city of Shkodra.

Besara Podgorica, Ph.D. DRTK Shkodra: Currently, the project has gone to the National Council of Material Heritage. It has gone for approval and its approval is awaited. Maximum, it may take 1 month from the verification of technical issues regarding the project. We have been in contact with the heiress of the property and normally we have taken into account all the concerns that she has addressed and in this context we have included in the action plan for 2022 in the maintenance projects the apartment Pashko Vasa, despite the fact that it has been invested several times until 2018.

Afterwards, "Stop" went to the National Institute of Cultural Heritage and the Shkodra Regional Directorate where it was said that 10 million ALL will be given for the restoration of the house of the patriot Pashko Vasa.

Engineer at DRTK Shkodra: The Ministry has presented two types of schemes. The first scheme was only the part of maintenance, the maximum the ministry gives 10 million old, while scheme B was, if you turn the building into a business, the ministry could finance up to 50 million old lekë./tvklan.al

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