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How well do Albanians know minorities?

How well do Albanians know minorities?

Among national minorities, Albanians had more to do with Roma (73%) and Egyptians (65%).

Almost half of Albanians (46%) had a relationship with a person from the Greek minority and very few (16.4%) citizens had a relationship with a person from the LGBT + community.

The barometer at Euronews Albania asked Albanians about minorities based on national, ethnic or socially based communities.

The results show that the majority of Albanians are open to persons coming from ethnic minorities in Albania.

A member of the Greek minority is accepted by more than 90% of Albanians as part of their social or professional circle.

Fewer are (78.6%) who would agree to marry a member of this minority.

Albanians are generally open to the Aromanian, Roma and Egyptian communities as well.

Respectively, almost four in five Albanians (78%) accept an Aromanian as part of their society or work.

The Roma community is accepted by at least three in five (62%) Albanians, both in society and in the profession.

At least three in five Albanians (60%) accept members of the Egyptian community as friends, neighbors, colleagues or teachers and doctors of their family.

The findings are from the Barometer survey, conducted by MRB and DataCentrum at the national level with 1000 face-to-face interviews in the family between April 25 - May 7. Euronews Albania


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