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Klea Tjata's car is impounded, she used to talk to Laert Haxhiu every day

Klea Tjata's car is impounded, she used to talk to Laert Haxhiu every day

The Lushnja police, at the request of the Elbasan Prosecutor's Office, seized the GLK type car used by Klea Djata, the girl who had a relationship with Laert Haxhiu.

Sources from the Lushnja Police state that the car was in the name of her mother, while a mobile device was also seized that can help clarify her conversations with Haxhiu from the Janina prison.

This particular car was used by Klea Gjata, who on many occasions transported Laert Haxhiu and the prosecutor's associate, Artan Tafani from one base to another.

The vehicle was monitored several times by Lushnja Police agents, with the hope of locating and arresting Laert Haxhiu, but in no case did it bring any results.

The colleague of the prosecution, Artan Tafani, has also spoken about this vehicle, that he moved armed together with Laerti in several cities of the country.

The co-worker has shown that Laert Haxhiu's girlfriend is aware of almost every movement and crime of Laert Haxhiu, so the prosecution ordered her arrest for the charge of "Failing the crime" and "Supporting the perpetrator of the crime".

Klea Gjata's involvement with the murderer Laert Haxhiu is linked not only by the testimony of Artan Tafani, but also by her phone. At the time of the arrest, Klea Gjata, two telephones were seized from her, where from their examination it was found that the girl from Lushnja was talking on the phone continuously with Laert Haxhiu that day and on other days.

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