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Quarrel between the policemen in the former Block, they pull out their guns at each other. AMP starts the process

Quarrel between the policemen in the former Block, they pull out their guns at

A conflict between State Police officers took place last evening.

It is known that the employee of the Rapid Intervention Forces R. I together with his brother M. I have had a conflict with the Chief of Operations in the General Directorate of the VL Police

The event took place in the area of ​​the former Block near Municipal Unit No. 5.

It is not known why the conflict started, but both officers pointed their service weapons at each other. They were sent to police station no. 2 and the Police Supervision Agency proceeded to release the officers.

"The Police Supervision Agency (AMP) Tirana has referred to the Prosecutor's Office the procedural materials in a free state in charge of 2 police officers and 1 citizen, specifically:

- RI, 33 years old, FNSH officer, suspected of 'Intimidation';
- VL, 44 years old, an officer of the Special Operational Force, suspected of "Intimidation" and "Other intentional damage";
- MI 33 years old, suspected of "Opposition to a public order employee" and "Other intentional damage".

From the investigative actions, it results that the VL police officer, off duty, had a physical conflict and clashed, for weak motives, first with the MI citizen, in a shop on "Nikolla Tupe" street. Then another police officer, RI, also off duty, was involved in the debate.

Upon receiving the notification, the police services of Commissariat No. 2 Tirana and the "Shqiponja" forces, which accompanied the parties until the end of the first investigative actions.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Professional Standards in the State Police has launched a disciplinary investigation against two police officers.

The materials have been referred to the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana" , informs AMP.

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