The dro* gang is destroyed in Santorini, 4 Albanians are in handcuffs

The dro* gang is destroyed in Santorini, 4 Albanians are in handcuffs

Four Albanians have been arrested by Greek authorities for drug trafficking in Santorini.

The Albanians Sulo Tahaj, 26 years old and his brother Genci Tahaj, 30 years old from Fieri, Fatmir Caushaj 36 years old from Tirana, Renson Marra, 24 years old from Kuçova and the Ukrainian citizen Anastasiya Ivanichenko, 30 years old, currently detained in Corydhalo. Hekuran Gremi, 29 years old from Patos, was declared wanted, and work is being done to identify 16 other people.

26-year-old Sulo Tahaj was the leader of the organization, responsible for the complete orientation of the other members for the transport of drugs from Athens to Santorini, standardization and storage of quantities in secret places on the island for their completion with distribution in nightclubs in island or to other traffickers. 30-year-old Genci Tahaj was deputy manager, actively participating in the management and organization of the group with a focus on managing its income and expected benefits. 36-year-old Fatmir Caushaj assumed the responsibilities of the leader and vice-president of the organization when the Tahaj brothers were in Albania.

In the checks carried out in a warehouse and in three houses, the following were found and confiscated:  336 grams of cocaine, 2043 grams of raw cannabis, 295 ECSTAZY tablets, a pistol, 60 cartridges, a knife, the sums of 24,890 euros, 9,050 Uruguayan pesos, 182 US dollars, 100 Australian dollars and 5 British pounds. Also seized were 3 electronic scales, electronic equipment for air evacuation and drug formulation, a bunch of nylon packaging and
7 vehicles: two vans for transporting tourists, two ICHE and two motorcycles.

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