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The 28-year-old Albanian was sentenced to prison after he went to Britain illegally and worked in 3 "shepherd's houses".

The 28-year-old Albanian was sentenced to prison after he went to Britain

A 28-year-old Albanian immigrant has been arrested by British police after he was caught working on 3 large cannabis farms in houses in Leeds.

According to the British media, Ardjan Bashkurt's fingerprints were found on the property where hundreds of plants were grown and he was eventually arrested and sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Police raided a property on Noëll Place in Harehills on May 19, 2021, where they found rooms converted to growing cannabis plants. A total of 227 plants were found, as well as a fingerprint. On September 23, 2022, 112 plants were found at Cross Flatts and again, the same fingerprint.

Finally, on January 10 this year, police raided the same property in Noster Place where a further 60 plants were found, along with the usual growing equipment. They were able to arrest Bashkurt and found that the fingerprints belonged to him. The Albanian has no previous criminal record.

" He was following his dream at the time to help his family financially, but that dream turned into a nightmare. He performed a very limited function and was under pressure. There is an element of exploitation,” said lawyer Shufqat Khan.

Meanwhile, Judge Ray Singh told Bashkurt he needed to take responsibility for his actions.

"There was a level of exploitation and vulnerability, but I have to balance that you put yourself in that position ," the judge said.

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