The shortening of "Ibrahim Rugova" street, Edita Tahiri in Politiko: Erion Veliaj violated the figure of the leader of Independence


The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, decided to shorten "Ibrahim Rugova" street in Tirana. The axis, which until two days ago bore the name of the former president of Kosovo, has been divided into two halves, where the other part will be named "Martyrs of February 4".

Veliaj's decision provoked reactions in Albania and Kosovo, where politicians, analysts and diplomats spoke out against the removal of Rugoa's name, as they called the decision of the mayor of Tirana a shame and humiliation.

The former chief negotiator in the dialogue with Kosovo, Edita Tahiri, in a short comment for Politiko , described Veliaj's decision as a historical mistake that harms the figure of Rugova.

"Veliaj has made a serious historical mistake by insulting the figure of the leader of Kosovo's independence, Dr. Rugova" , Tahiri told Politiko .

The first to denounce was the democratic deputy Jorida Tabaku, who through a post on Facebook wrote that Veliaj has become part of the class war and the electoral game, even the street named after Ibrahim Rrugova.

"Unfortunately, the class war returned in 2023 tore this road apart by inventing another half-way with the name of a date that does not personify or unite the Albanians and even less the citizens of Tirana. It is hard to understand how Erion Veliaj's electoral trouble, which will produce martyrs, can be reduced to Ibrahim Rugova Street. Let then mix the story and retouch it" , wrote Tabaku.

Even the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a reaction to the Nationale newspaper, called the decision taken in accordance with the interests of Belgrade.

"This is a shameful act of hatred of Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj towards President Rugova and his work and Kosovo. This decision, as well as their refusal to install the statue of President Rugova and other hostile attitudes towards Kosovo, are the implementation of the orders given from Belgrade for his vassals in Tirana" , he asserted.

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