Albania a "flawed democracy", Montenegro with the best performance in the Western Balkans

Albania a "flawed democracy", Montenegro with the best performance in

Montenegro improved its democracy for 2023, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina saw no change, while Albania and North Macedonia declined, according to the 2023 Democracy Index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In the Western Balkans region, Montenegro records the best performance with 6.67 on a scale from 0 to 10. Montenegro is followed by Serbia with 6.33, Albania with 6.28, North Macedonia with 6.03 and Bosnia and Herzegovina with 5.0, writes European Western Balkans .

While Kosovo is not included in the Index.

To qualify for a "full democracy", a country must have a score between 8 and 10, while a score between 6 and 8 indicates a "flawed democracy". Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia are "flawed democracies", while Bosnia and Herzegovina is a "hybrid regime", according to the classification of the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Montenegro is ranked 52nd in the world, advancing 9 places compared to 2022. Serbia is ranked 64th, which is also an improvement of 4 places, although its overall score did not change, meaning that the movement was caused by changes in other countries. country results.

Albania ranks 66th in the world, two places behind Serbia, while North Macedonia shares 72nd place with Papua New Guinea. Bosnia and Herzegovina is 94th in the world in terms of the democracy index.

Montenegro increased its score by 0.22, making it one of the "best performers" in 2023, alongside Benin, Tanzania, Angola and Malta, the Index shows.

Meanwhile, Albania lost 0.13 points compared to 2022, while North Macedonia recorded a slightly lower drop of 0.07.

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