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Albanians 'escape' to Dubai for the end-of-year holidays, they also reserve the places of the Region

Albanians 'escape' to Dubai for the end-of-year holidays, they also

Holidays abroad seem to have become a tradition for Albanians, most of whom have chosen to celebrate in a different atmosphere.

According to an A2 CNN article, one of the destinations that has attracted the attention of Albanians is Dubai. Once an expensive and luxurious place, today Dubai has become a favorite destination not only for holidays and vacations. It is already considered a more tangible and economical place, due to the direct line from Tirana.

Another 'surprise' of this year are the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, this favorite destination for diverse packages, but also because at the end of the year tourists escape from the stifling temperatures and crowds of tourists. Mostly Sharm El Sheikh is a favorite destination for tourists who prefer water sports or desert walks.

Istanbul is also one of the most favorite destinations of Albanians over the years, as a very economical and affordable place, mainly for couples or groups of young people.

Among the countries of the region, Montenegro with cities such as: Budva, Kotor or Kolashinin ski resorts, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo with Boga and Brezovica, are no less favorite for Albanians.

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