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Albanians are not trained/ Last in the Balkans, only 0.7% of employees have a professional training

Albanians are not trained/ Last in the Balkans, only 0.7% of employees have a

Only 0.7% of the Albanian population of working age from 25-64 years has completed a professional training. The data of the European Training Foundation for 2022 show that Albania is in the last place in the Balkans, while Serbia is the most up-to-date with about 6%.

The European Union with 11% has the population that has participated more in training.

 "In general, our culture has it that we finish school by working and learning. Often even when the company pays for training, it seems like a waste of time to them", said IT expert, Erion Demiri.

The trained staff will help in the growth of the company according to experts. Continuous investment in human resources should not be seen as excessive expenses, but money that will return to you many times over. As it is advised that even employees should be more demanding of themselves.

 "Whoever will advance must keep up with the times. We have two aspects, the employee what he should do for himself or more precisely what you can ask the employer to enrich you professionally. On the other hand, and the employer, Albanian businesses are quite behind. It is a small amount of companies, mainly large companies that have the training fund and do it seriously. Then, we have the majority of Albanian businesses that do not think of an annual training fund at all", said IT expert, Erion Demiri.

The digital age that we are living in has brought the need for the adaptation of businesses in virtual spaces with updated knowledge not only about the profession but also beyond.

 "We must understand that we are living in a time which has great technological changes. The pandemic brought about the fact that working from home was experimented with. New technologies were born to alleviate the fact that we were closed. We now also have artificial intelligence that is jeopardizing some jobs. At this moment, we have to change our approach", added Demiri.

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