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The Albanian dragged the 21-year-old Greek woman by car, new details from the accident in Thessaloniki

The Albanian dragged the 21-year-old Greek woman by car, new details from the

New details have come to light from the event that happened a while ago in Greece, where a 27-year-old Albanian man crashed to death with a 21-year-old Greek woman.

According to the Greek media, the 27-year-old leader who dragged the 21-year-old student last November, in the center of Thessaloniki, has been sent to the bench of the Trianite Criminal Court.

According to the file of the Criminal Justice Council, the 27-year-old man of Albanian origin was sent to court for "dangerous driving resulting in the death of a young woman", "traffic accident" and "driving without a license".

It is also learned that the 27-year-old man was traveling at 104 km/h at the time of the collision.

In the will of the Council, it is stated that the technical expertise showed that the vehicle was technically unsafe and dangerous, while the excessive speed with which the 27-year-old was driving is described, but also how the car ended up.

The defendant was traveling at a speed that reached 104.12 km/h, i.e. much higher than the maximum allowed at that point (50 km/h as a residential area) and at the moment when the pedestrian Emmanuela Kariorakis crossed the road , moving from right to left, after reaching almost the middle of the road, on the double dividing line, the accused, proceeding at excessive speed, hit the young woman, dragging her for several meters.

It is recalled that the unfortunate student breathed her last after five days of hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit of Papageorgiou Hospital, while her family decided to donate her organs.

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